WFR 01. The Power Of Podcasting. An Interview with Joel Sharpton

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WFR 01. The Power Of Podcasting. An Interview with Joel Sharpton

Hello Roamers and welcome to my very first episode.

Wherever you might be on your working from roam journey, my mission is help you move forward.

I’m seeking out the working from roam gurus who are well into their journey. I’m going to analyze their methods and success strategies so you get to discover how you can take the next step in your personal quest to become a roamer and live your dream.

And to give you a solid kick start, I’ve put together an easy-to-use Tools and Resources guide full of useful ideas and the very best time saving tips to fast track your transition from where you are now to where you want to be.

You can get your free download of the Working From Roam Tools and Resources guide at
For my first show I want to take you into a space I’m very familiar with.

I also love it because it’s one of the most powerful marketing methods available today. It’s also very affordable.
I’m talking about podcasting.

I first started podcasting a couple of years ago.

I created a show for real estate agents called Top Agents Playbook. The reason behind my decision to launch the podcast was twofold.

Reason one is because real estate has been very good to me. I sought out and was given a lot of great advice that helped me build my career as a 20 year old and then start my own business. Launching a relevant and informative podcast that offers lots of awesome free content was a great way to give back. Call it Karma but that’s how I felt. In this life I truly believe we get when we give.

Reason two was to build my tribe of real estate followers. I wanted to attract agents that were open to discovering new ways of doing business and helping buyers and sellers. From there, I could guide them into learning more about Bestagents, my personal marketing system for real estate agents and LockedOn, which is the real estate software company I’m involved with.

Two years later and my show has been downloaded more than 200,000 times by listeners in more than 100 countries.
My personal brand has grown, I’m invited to be a guest speaker at events and business has never been better.

It’s funny but I never really understood the raw power of podcasting until I started doing it for myself.

Joel Sharpton produces each episode for me.

He’s been a tremendous help to me with expert advice and intuitive knowledge of an industry that’s growing faster than most people realize.

Joel’s contact info is in the show notes for this episode but you can find him at and listen to his podcast at

I really enjoyed this session with Joel and I started off asking him why he thinks podcasting is becoming so popular.

Joel’s written a very handy guide to setting up your Podcast correctly and on a shoestring! You cab download it here

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