WFR 03. How a busy single mom transitioned to Working From Roam. An Interview with Liz Saunders

WFR 03. How a busy single mom transitioned to Working From Roam. An Interview with Liz Saunders

Your head says “get a regular job with benefits to protect your kids.” But your heart says “start your own business, be your own boss and be there for your kids.”

I have so much respect for single mothers and how they are able to manage their time. Liz Saunders is a stunning example and I think you’ll find her story motivating and full of tips and excellent ideas to help you move one step closer to Working From Roam.

But just before I get into my interview with Liz, there’s some important info I’d like to share.

I’m often asked “where do I start?”

Here are the essential 4 steps I believe every Roamer needs to consider before making non-reversible decisions. I go into each one in this episode so make sure you press play and check them out.  They’re in the intro.

1.  What is your Authority Niche?
2. Create a lead generator around your niche. Book. EBook. Explainer Video. Facebook Group
3. Build your tribe
4. Monetize. Course, coaching, manuals, webinars, products or even events

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Liz Saunders. The Event Queen

Liz Saunders founded The Tivich Group in 2013, after more than 15 years of specializing in event marketing and booking management. She realized after working with many different types of artists and speakers, that critical steps between message, booking, and performances were often being missed – and that she could change that scenario for the better, for all involved.

Today, Liz applies her creative and practical problem-solving approach towards helping artists and speakers increase their revenue and opportunities by providing end-to-end consultation and service in managing event bookings, speaking tours, and other connected events.

She is also co-host the Avoid Being Hated Podcast. Your guide to awkward situations. This is a very entertaining show. I started listening to it to check it out for this interview but now I can’t stop! Liz and co-host Toni are a riot!

The Tivich Group

Contact Liz

Liz’s Favourite WFR Tools

  • Tripit (tracking travel, flights accom)
  • Google Docs
  • Salesforce (CRM)
  • iPhone
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