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Coaching From Roam

When Moncton New Brunswick gets hit with an ice storm, the city literally freezes. Shops are empty because they have no power and no customers.

I was just putting the finishing touches to my interview with the coach who coaches coaches, Marc Mawhinney and ‘ding’… up popped the following email from him.

Marc’s an awesome coach AND he’s working from roam.

Subject: No puny Ice Storm can stop me!

We had a crazy ice storm in my part of the world earlier this week.

Snapped power lines, a lot of broken trees, and no power in much of the city for a few days.

Despite some inconveniences (including going one day without showering) my business pretty much chugged along as usual – with help from some external charging devices.

I rescheduled a couple of calls, but my activities remained the same and I continued to do my thing: coaching calls, emails, social media posts, blogs and interviews went ahead as planned. A bunch of new subscribers joined Secret Coach Club, and I had a great week in terms of business.

But it was a different story for the bricks and mortar businesses in my city, who had to shut down for a few days until power was restored.

Local salespeople couldn’t sell because potential clients’ minds were on the icey mess, not on buying their products and services.

How was I able to accomplish this “business as usual” feat?  Am I a “Super Entrepreneur” with a genius level IQ of 140?


I run an online coaching business where all of my clients are from away.

I’m not tethered to my local sandbox, or affected by weather events or economic downturns here.

Most of my clients are in the US, but some are scattered in others places like South America, the UK, and a few are even in Dubai (I doubt that Dubai will be hit by an ice storm anytime soon)

I did the local business thing for many years and I’ll never go back to it.

I’d rather run an online business where my virtual doors are open 24/7 to any of the billions of people on this planet.

I don’t know what potential upheavals could happen where you live. It could be tornadoes, floods, or stupid politicians who are destroying local businesses with their poor decisions …

But regardless of where you are, you can be insulated from this stuff by running a successful online coaching business.

If you want that, this will help:

Marc “Ice Ice Baby” Mawhinney

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