Guest Info & Pre-Interview Checklist

Guest Info & Pre-Interview Checklist

Hello, welcome and many thanks for setting aside time for our Working From Roam interview. Use this short checklist to set yourself up to help us deliver awesome content and great audio quality

If we’ve discussed setting up an interview and we haven’t scheduled a date, please grab a time here that works for you. I’m based in Toronto Canada which is why times will look a little weird if you’re not in North America.

Pre-Interview Checklist

  • A quiet space works best.
  • We record on Skype. We’ll just use audio not video as video tends to eat up bandwidth and can compromise audio quality. Interviews on mobiles are not great quality and I prefer Skype because that’s how my recording plugin works. (If you don’t have Skype or would prefer not to use it, the next best thing is a landline so please email your best landline number to
  • To connect on Skype. Open Skype do a contact search for Ray Wood Toronto Canada using my Skype ID: bestagents
  • Good Internet is going to help.
  • A headset gives the best audio quality. Most built in computer mics are dodgy and pick up too much ambient sound. If you don’t have one, just search ‘logitech headset (your area)’ They are cheap and provide the very best audio quality. If you would like me to mail you one, please let me know.
  • Would you be able to email me your Bio to
  • I also need a quality high resolution .jpeg or .png image of you
  • If you have some specific questions you’d like me to include, then send ’em over too.


So they are the essential basics. Here’s more info that you might find useful for our episode:

  • Content. My subscribers and listeners are interested in a career and lifestyle change. The may already be Working From Roam or in transition so anything you can give, say suggest that can help this process is going to be of great value. Think about the things that helped you the most when you were starting out.
  • My process is fairly simple.  We chat (normally form 20 to 40 minutes) and then I listen back to our session and map out my intro then record it
  • Do you have a lead magnet I can help you promote?


How can I help you?

What are you promoting and how can I help? Do you have an ebook, cheat sheet, tools and resources guide I can refer to in our session? Do you want me to promo a landing page to help you build your tribe. Let me know.

Each Podcast is uploaded to and also to iTunes, Sticher and a few others which means we’re virtually exposed to millions of people looking for awesome content to help them in every aspect of their real estate career.

If you have any issues with putting the full recording of our session onto this global platform, you better let me know now, but I’m assuming you will have worked out that was going to happen anyway.


Thank you

I really appreciate you getting involved and helping my listeners move closer to Working From Room. I value your input and are very grateful for your contribution.

I’m looking forward to our call.

Cheers and thank you.

Ray Wood

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