How to wake up cashed up! 10 Steps to monetizing your passion

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How to wake up cashed up! 10 Steps to monetizing your passion

If you’re still living on planet hypothetical, let’s move towards reality and take a look at the whole process so you can see how everything comes together.

And just so you’re crystal on this, I want to go right back to the beginning so you can track the essential steps of your eJourney and experience the sequential nature of what needs to happen.

Keep in mind, you want to set this up to run on auto-pilot so the money is rolling in while you’re practicing nude yoga on a beach in the Seychelles, watching cricket in Barbados or tackling a red hot Burrito in Mexico City.

1.  Building your list.

In the world of online marketing, pretty much nothing happens without a list of potential buyers for your product or service.  ‘A list’ is an email list.  The bigger and better your list, the more potential buyers you’ll have and the more cashola you will make.

You’re looking to attract potential buyers but you need to engage them first.  You need to offer them something they will gladly swap their name and email address for. This offer or thing is called a Lead Magnet and I’ll get into that in a moment.

The secret to building a great list is a great offer and great follow up communication. ‘Engage’ is the key word here.

Some people may want to sign up for your awesome Violin course as soon as they’ve seen and experienced your Lead Magnet, but most won’t.

Most folks are naturally nervous about jumping in right then and there so your list will need to be nurtured over many months

2.  Building your lead magnet.

A lead magnet is the thing that’s going to ultimately attract people to your main offer.  It’s something that will get people’s attention and help you engage with them so they have the opportunity to learn more.

Using our online Violin lessons as an example, you would probably want to start with a very cool free lesson.  This would be a single video showing just how easy it is to learn the Violin and also conveying the pleasure, excitement and wonderful sense of personal achievement they will experience once they complete your awesome eCourse.

You’re essentially painting a picture of future ‘Wow’ they will want to buy into because your taking them down the hypothetical path of mastering the Violin.

You’re building this vision of them performing and being excellent with the fiddle and they are starting to see themselves in the picture. They’re thinking “What if?”

The free lesson is the magnet that’s attracted the lead.

3.  Your Squeeze page.

A Squeeze page is the landing page people visit to learn about your lead magnet offer.  I’m not a fan of the terminology here because it implies we are squeezing people to give up something they don’t want to give up like their name and email but that’s what it’s called so whatever.

Your Squeeze page will simply and effectively communicate your free offer.  It could be well written and compelling copy or it might be an explainer video pitching your offer. The visitor then has the option to leave their name and email in return for receiving the free lesson.

Once they leave their info, they are taken to a second page where they can watch your free lesson and start learning the Violin.

This is just one way you can collect names and emails but it’s one of the best when it comes to building a big fat list of potential customers because you retain your list of new contacts.

4.  Your follow up sequence emails or Auto Responders

So once a new subscriber signs up to see your free video, you need to follow them up with emails and further engage them with reasons why they need to sign up for your online Violin course.

But because you’re either scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef or trekking Machu Pichu, you won’t be around to send these all important messages and that’s where more awesome technology comes in!

There are easy to drive, automatic emailing companies that will do this for you.  All you need to do is set up the email once and determine when in the sequence you want it sent and Abracadabra, it’s done.

You can set up any number of emails to go whenever you decide and they will also be automatically customized to include your new subscriber’s first name so you can get maximum results with a personalized salutation (Dear Jane, Hi Mark etc..)

These emails are important because you really want to be building rapport and strengthen the relationship with your new contact.

Each message says how awesome your Violin course is and features great testimonials from previous virtual students if you have them or offline students if you don’t. (Testimonials are critically important)

When your emails are sent is totally up to you and you’ll want to give some thought to the best send days and times.

If I was offering Violin lessons online, I would probably consider weekends or regular leisure times and I would also be interested to run a heat map over the original sign up day and time to see if I can get a reading on when my target market is most likely to be in front of their computer.

If they signed up for my free Violin lesson video on a certain day at a certain time, then chances are they might be in front of their computer looking to explore their musical interests on the same day and time at some point in the future.

Again, you do your emails once, set it up using the off-the-shelf software and it’s done forever!

5.  Your main sales page

This is where the magic happens and your sales page needs to be awesome so it converts interested site visitors into paying customers.

I built my first sales page from scratch.

I designed the complete look and feel from researching other sites and trying to guess what worked and what didn’t.

Today, there are companies that have beautifully converting sale page templates ready for you to simply load in your specific information and start selling online.  In fact, these companies are constantly testing their very best squeeze and sales pages to improve conversion, which takes the time and risk out of doing it yourself.

Your main page is really all about conversion.  This means pitching your message so well that your potential customer, the person that sent you their name and email in exchange for your free Violin lesson video, pulls out their credit card and types those 16 magical numbers into your checkout page.

I’ve set up some pretty cool sample pages in the Resource Centre over at so be sure to check them out and you’ll see exactly what I mean.


6.  Your payment gateway

If you’ve ever watched a movie called ‘The Middle Men’ you’ll have seen how two guys actually invented paying for stuff over the Internet.

It’s kind of a break through moment in the time line of entrepreneur evolution because without online payments, people like me would have to get a regular job and schlep to work for the rest of our lives.

The movie is based on a true story about the adult film industry and documents the point in time when paying for something with your credit card online actually occurred.

Think about the brave new world of eCommerce back in the 1990s.  Putting private information into the World Wide Web was filled with risks and other issues but today, we don’t think about it.  Many of us have even been hacked and our credit card information stolen but does that stop us from buying stuff online? Nope.

I’m not being blasé about this and there are definite risks but there were risks when the motor car was invented too. Obviously, eCommerce is here to stay and getting bigger everyday.

I love to cook and I really enjoy the process of creating food and enjoying it with friends.

One thing I’m big on is making great salad dressings and for this I often need a little blender called ‘The Bullet’.

When I found one at my local mall, I thought the price was a little expensive so I ran a quick check for the same item at on my iPhone.  It was considerably cheaper and even though shipping would be a few days, I placed the order then and there.

Consumers have choices and they are voting with their mouse and clicking like never before.

There was a time not so long ago that setting up an online payment system meant jumping through many hoops because the banks controlled everything, but that’s changing.

There are a growing number of payment options online merchants can set up to sidestep the banks.  I’ve listed the best ones in the Resource Centre at for you to check out when you’re ready.


7.  Your membership site

I have to say I’m impressed!  So far you’ve built a great looking and high converting Squeeze page, your potential customer list of names and emails is growing like weeds in springtime and the orders are starting to come through because your awesome automatic follow-up emails are driving traffic to your sales page.

Once the order for an online Violin eCourse comes through, your eStudent is automatically sent to your membership site which keeps all your videos and course notes in a series of modules.

But you’re somewhat oblivious to this because you and your significant other are halfway through a self-sailing holiday on a 34 foot Beneteau Catamaran in the Mediterranean Sea sailing along the Turkish coast to Greece.  (You lucky ducks!!)

All you really know is that each day you wake up cashed up!

Memberships sites are available and they are packaged to suit every business and budget.  Clever developers have built this stuff so we don’t need to worry about it. You have to say, it’s a beautiful world!

8.  The Advanced course

Offering an advanced Violin course is a natural progression.

This year we got a puppy.  My wife Christine had always wanted a dog so who was I to say no?  My brothers and I grew up with dogs so I was no stranger to having a pooch around.

As it happened, some friends had an eight year old female Boxer/Rottweiler that had yet to be spayed, which was fine except their neighbor’s Boxer had yet to be neutered.

Is there anything cuter than a puppy?  Little heart melting bundles of fur with puppy dog eyes saying “pick me, pick me”

The lobbying started early and before you knew it, we were the proud new owners of a gorgeous red, cross-breed pup.

She is part Rottweiler part Boxer so we decided to call her Roxi.

In typical Christine style, Roxi is in puppy school before you know it.  She’s also getting lots of additional home training from a very attentive new ‘mother’.

In addition, Christine signs up for an online puppy training course which brilliantly shows you the best tips and strategies to stop your new dog from nipping, jumping and barking plus all the house training essentials

So after 4 weeks of the online course, Roxi is a model of puppy obedience and Christine is invited by the online puppy training website to join the advanced course. Naturally, she signs up!

I have to say this was a very cool experience.  The online modules were all made available right from the start so you can simply go through each module at your own pace in the convenience and comfort of your own home.


9.  Private Coaching

Following the advanced course, you can offer private coaching.

This normally happens with the student paying a higher monthly amount for private coaching which can easily be done via Skype.  More info at

10.  Your money back guarantee

In most cases, you’ll need to offer a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.  We call this risk reversal.  Offering and quickly honoring a money back guarantee is an essential part of your marketing pitch.

You’re essentially saying to your potential customer that YOU are taking all the risk because if the product or service you’re selling doesn’t do what the buyer was hoping within a certain amount of time, they get their money back.

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