The Power Of Podfest… Way more than just a podcasting event!

The Power Of Podfest… Way more than just a podcasting event!

In 2015 I started podcasting.

I launched my first show, Top Agents Playbook and before too long, things started to happen.

Things like an explosion in Social Media followers and increased sales of my online products at

I also noticed sign ups to download my eBooks really started ramping up and I started getting way more emails about my personal coaching program and attracting more clients.

And it all began as a simple idea.

I’m co-founder of a real estate software CRM based out of Sydney Australia.

My three partners are dynamic and driven entrepreneurs and our business has grown to more than 3000 subscribers in 5 years.

But I wanted to do more to ‘pull my weight’ in the company. I wanted to make a real and valuable contribution.

After mulling it over for way too long, I launched my podcast for agents and haven’t looked back.

In fact, the success of Top Agents Playbook inspired me to set up my second Podcast (Working From Roam) to help others on their journey to become a mobile entrepreneur.

Then, in an attempt to learn more and grow my subscriber base, I started getting involved in the podcasting community.

It’s sometimes difficult as a solo entrepreneur. It’s nice to walk to the beat of your own drum but it can get a little lonely.

Then I discovered this amazing bunch of like minded podcasters, marketers and entrepreneurs. I felt like I had found my people!

I joined some excellent forums and have made connections I’ll have for the rest of my life.

The stunning thing is how people have been so giving with their time and ideas.

With nothing to gain except friendship and helping out the community they care about, they’ve shared ideas and offered genuine support to me on my journey, which makes me want to do the same.

Podfest co-founder Christ Krimitsos is one example.

Chris invited me to join a panel at Podfest 17 in Orlando this month and it was a very rewarding experience. Because of the event, I’ve be fortunate to make some amazing connections.

If you’re anything like me, you get regular event invites in your inbox all the time. So you try to weigh up which ones will give you the best return on your investment.

You consider the time away and what you’re likely to gain from attending.

Podfest 17 was a game changer and I almost feel sorry for Podcasters who didn’t attend.

I got to connect with some of the biggest household names in the podcasting world. It opened doors and forged connections I never dreamed possible.

But Podfest is way more than just podcasting.

When you mix with this crowd, you can’t help but become immersed in some amazing discussions that let you forge ideas you didn’t even consider on the plane ride to the event.

It’s about how some of the best Podcasters on the planet are leveraging their following to build their brand and their business.

It’s about discovering the proven formulas of others and how you can apply them to your niche.

And it’s about seeking out the authorities and influencers who can open so many doors for you.

It’s two days since the event and my brain is buzzing with ideas I’ll be executing in coming weeks and months and I can’t wait to get back to Orlando next February.

It’s also worth mentioning that the way Chris and wife Katie run this event is like no other I’ve ever attended.

It’s way more personal and intimate. It almost feels like family.

Every main address and breakout is relevant and highly informative. In fact, these sessions act as a breeding ground for entrepreneurial thinking and creating more and better business opportunities and partnerships.

I’ve come away with a journal full of notes and hundreds of new contacts.

Without doubt the best event I’ve ever attended.

If you make the wise investment to join us at Podfest 18 next year, I’m looking forward to saying hello and sharing what I’ve learned.

Update: I just got a message from Chris that he’s making ALL THE VIDEOS from Podcast 2017 available PLUS throwing in a free Ticket to next year’s event. Sweet Deal!! Check it out here!

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